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Vol. 13 Núm. 2 (2021): Volumen 13 Número 2

A High Granularity Approach to NetworkPacket Processing for Latency-TolerantApplications with CUDA (Corvyd)

enero 6, 2021


Currently, practical network packet processing used for In-trusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) tendto belong to one of two disjoint categories: software-only implementa-tions running on general-purpose CPUs, or highly specialized networkhardware implementations using ASICs or FPGAs for the most commonfunctions, general-purpose CPUs for the rest. These approaches cover tryto maximize the performance and minimize the cost, but neither system,when implemented effectively, is affordable to any clients except for thoseat the well-funded enterprise level. In this paper, we aim to improve theperformance of affordable network packet processing in heterogeneoussystems with consumer Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) hardware byoptimizing latency-tolerant packet processing operations, notably IDS,to obtain maximum throughput required by such systems in networkssophisticated enough to demand a dedicated IDS/IPS system, but notenough to justify the high cost of cutting-edge specialized hardware. Inparticular, this project investigated increasing the granularity of OSIlayer-based packet batching over that of previous batching approaches.We demonstrate that highly granular GPU-enabled packet processing isgenerally impractical, compared with existing methods, by implementingour own solution that we call Corvyd, a heterogeneous real-time packetprocessing engine.

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