Biomasa 2020


Biomass 2020: New Green Technologies for the transition to the Bioeconomy in Ecuador and Latin America

Call for papers

Abstracts for Biomass 2020 will be accepted until August 30th/2020, 23:59 (CST).

Accepted articles of BIOMASS 2020 will be published in the “Avances en Ciencias e Ingeniería” academic journal, in a special Biomass2020 issue.

The topics of the special issue include:

  • New concepts and trends in biomass use
  • Bioeconomy and circular economy
  • Bioproducts
  • Technoeconomic analysis
  • Innovative technologies
    • Biomass handling and pretreatment
    • Thermochemical processes
    • Bioprocesses
    • Biopolymers and biomaterials


Website: http://biomasa.usfq.edu.ec/



# CARLA 2020



## Latin America Conference on High Performance Computing (CARLA) 2020



Cuenca, Ecuador, XXX



Web: <http://www.carla2020.org>

Contact: <Carla2020@cedia.org.ec>


CARLA is an international symposium aimed at providing a forum to foster the growth and strength of the High Performance Computing (HPC)

community in Latin America through the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, techniques, and research in HPC and its applications areas.

Started in 2014, Carla has become the flagship conference for HPC in the region. We invite the international community to share its advances on both HPC and

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as those two key areas are becoming the predominant engine for innovation and development.

This year the Latin America High Performance Computing Conference (CARLA 2020) will be held in Cuenca from September  2 to 4 in coincidence with TICAL 2020.

We expect contributions from faculty members, researchers, specialists and graduate students around the world.