The Legal Landscape of NFTs: A Comprehensive Guide to NFTs’ Regulation and Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador


  • Emilie Idrovo Banco Santander
  • Lilia Stefanía Aguilar Medina Corte Nacional de Justicia de Ecuador


Palabras clave:

Token No Fungible, blockchain, Derechos de autor, propiedad intelectual, bien digital


The technological and judicial systems of today are undergoing a revolution due to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Characteristics like non-fungibility and the use of blockchain technology create legal tension between NFTs and copyright. Among the legal dilemmas faced by these assets are the growing un- certainties over digital assets that may be protected, content ownership, and copyright assignment. This study focuses on the Ecuadorian copyright law and the challenges it confronts when NFTs enter the market. This paper addresses the question of how well-suited Ecuador’s copyright laws and related nor- ms are to handle disputes involving NFTs. It analyses the impact it has on the digital token and its copyright among buyers and sellers, in addition to the platform regulations that issue and trade digital tokens. Later, it exami- nes the creator’s rights, as well as the buyer’s rights under an NFT purchase, and how copyrights are impacted. Finally, the paper concludes that although Ecuadorian law does not directly regulate NFTs, it is possible to regulate their disputes through related articles and the integration of other norms.


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